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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Predictions, Part I

Sorry for more weirdness. Hopefully wack posts like this keeps this place somewhat interesting.

Anyway, on September 2 I posted this:

Last June, astrologer Dr. Louis Turi appeared on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM radio program and predicted a mass evacuation somewhere in the world on August 28-29. He couldn't predict location or the cause.

He came on the show again the night/early morning of Aug 29-30 and predicted a major event involving law enforcement (i.e, with worldwide ramifications) around Sept 8. (In other words, it will be Sept 8 somewhere in the world when it happens, even if it's Sept 7 or 9 where it happens).
Take this for what you will. I'm finding it harder and harder to automatically dismiss any theory or point of view, no matter how far outside the mainstream. I'm posting these predictions because, if they do come to pass, I'd regret not having posted them.

So, what happened during the period Sept 7-9?

-In an unprecendented move, Mexican Troops come onto American soil to "help" with Katrina;

-A plan to completely disarm the common citizens of New Orleans was announced;

-A federal appeals court announced that the President can detain American citizens in the absence of criminal charges.

The next window for Turi's predicitons is Sept 16-18, followed by Sept 25-27. One of those periods is supposed to give us a major weather event involving water, and the other is going to provide some other major news.


  1. The 2nd and 3rd items are definitely real, but have you seen or heard anything about those Mexican troops other than just that Alex Jones report?

  2. The first item is also true, but it wasn't as diabolical as Jones reported.