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Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh, I wish I was in Dixie...

New Orleans to be specific, because today patriots may have to take their stand. Words can not express the outrage I feel at the forced evacuation and forced disarmament of the remaining holdouts in New Orleans.

I don't want bloodshed, and I can't expect anyone to fight the thousands of stormtroopers now patrolling New Orleans. But if the response of Americans is to always give up and give in to the bullying tactics and increasingly unjust, totalitarian, and burdensome demands of the government, we are doomed as a people. Decades from now, history's hindsight will recognize this nightmarish decline as a long time in developing (examples: creating the Office of National Drug Control Policy; Waco; Kosovo), but accelerating after Sept 11, 2001 and getting worse month by month, year by year. And we do not resist.

A freedom-loving people would not tolerate what is being done to us. We can not go on like this.

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  1. I often doubt that Americans are a freedom loving people any longer. I used to attribute this to the influx of immigrants from other than the British isles with no heritage of freedom, but even descendants of families who have been here for centuries seem to have forgotten the value of freedom. The word "freedom" has been coopted by the state to the extent that it is plausible to talk about increasing state power to protect our freedom!

  2. "Immigrants from other than the British Isles with no heritage of freedom"? You must be kidding. I'll admit to never having been to England but, from what I've read, the British have created the police state we could only dream of having and they're working harder on "improving" it every day.

    Did read somewhere where some think tank rated England as higher in economic freedom than the U.S., though.

    But, I agree, at least to some extent, that Americans aren't a freedom loving people anymore. At least you'd certainly get that impression living in California.