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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Report: Armed Mexican Troops Invade U.S.

Of all the things that we may have needed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, "help" from the Mexican Army is definitely not one of them. As if Mexico needs to intervene in the USA before a refugee crisis erupts along the border.

One thing I had wanted to say on the immigration debate, but never got around to, is that defense against invasion is justified. The defense does not have to be lethal, juxt as the invasion does not have to be armed. No one should be compelled to permit unwanted guests in their own home, and no nation should be compelled to permit swarms of economic refugees in violation of its own laws. As I've remarked before, economic refugees depress wages and raise rents in an already unfree market.

But now, not only has the USA done nothing to stop this flow of unarmed invaders, we are now welcoming armed troops from the very same country! Makes one wonder if it was all pre-planned by both governments: Mexican immigrants coming in, followed by a crisis "requiring the "help" of Mexican troops on our territory. We've seen what happens when the Establishment ignores the Constituiton when it's convenient; the same must be true of national sovereignty.

As Alex Jones and Paul Jospeh Watson report:

The Associated Press reported today that unarmed Mexican troops were being escorted by the US army to help relief efforts for hurricane Katrina.

However, the report was only specific to one convoy. The convoys reported to Alex Jones are said to be fully armed with Heckler & Koch German assault rifles.

The first sighting occurred at 12:30 on Highway 183 traveling towards Austin. The eyewitness described at least ten vehicles, four jeeps (other witnesses described them as Humvees) and six combat trucks brimming with armed Mexican troops wearing body armor, helmets and rifles. The troops riding in the jeeps were wearing holstered hand guns.

The vehicles were not being escorted by the US army or any other government vehicles and the vehicles were festooned with insignia reading 'Mexico MP's' and the Mexican flag.

The second sighting of a similar nature occurred north of Austin on I35 near Georgetown Texas.
This is part of a steady conditioning process to make Americans accept foreign troops. Alex Jones has attended numerous urban warfare drills where US Marines are made to train with foreign troops.

Scottish residents complained in September 2003 after armed Ukrainian soldiers under NATO set up checkpoints and pulled families out of their cars during an exercise.

Security agreements have been signed allowing foreign troops to enter the US and vice versa. This is part of the incremental push to use foreign troops on US soil to order US citizens around in times of emergency.

The US has today asked NATO to provide a bigger response in the relief effort, opening the doorway for many more foreign troops to enter the US.

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  2. I deleted the spammer at the same time you wrote this.

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  3. I highly doubt that the Mexican Army troops were in Austin or near Georgetown since their mission was to set-up camp and kitchens in San Antonio at the old Kelly AFB where the evacuees are being kept.