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Friday, September 02, 2005

The Big One Soon to Come?

Last June, astrologer Dr. Louis Turi appeared on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM radio program and predicted a mass evacuation somewhere in the world on August 28-29. He couldn't predict location or the cause.

He came on the show again the night/early morning of Aug 29-30 and predicted a major event involving law enforcement (i.e, with worldwide ramifications) around Sept 8. (In other words, it will be Sept 8 somewhere in the world when it happens, even if it's Sept 7 or 9 where it happens). There are also dire warnings surrounding Sept 17 and Sept 26. Dr. Turi claims:

The same negative energy that produced all major hurricanes, earthquakes tornadoes and tsunamis is hovering above the earth and will take more lives. I am giving you the concentrated dates of its destructive power for the month of September and each and every month as of today. I have proven to be right many times over and I wish the NWS and/or NASA would listen and learn from my methodology. I am expecting more trouble with water damages on these days with all affairs ruled by Neptune "Poseidon, the Lord of the Seas". The worse case scenario is another tsunami following a large earthquake. Stay clear from the ocean on these days...

I recall hearing one or two other psychics/astrologers on Coast to Coast predict a very, very bad month of September.

Take this for what you will. I'm finding it harder and harder to automatically dismiss any theory or point of view, no matter how far outside the mainstream. I'm posting these predictions because, if they do come to pass, I'd regret not having posted them.

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  1. Could it be that it's a safe bet to predict disaster in August somewhere in the world.

    Hurrican season, floods, tornadoes, draughts, famines, etc. Apart from winter blizzards, August seems like the month that has it all

  2. But is it a safe bet to predict a specific event - a mass evacuation - on a specific date?

  3. Well, the specific day is something that could be fudged a bit. Pick September 14th and the disaster could happen anytime between September 4th to September 24th and people would say, "Wow!"

    We've known all year that the Atlantic hurricane season was going to be super-sized so it's a fair bet to predict disaster at the end of August/Beginning of September.

    When they nail time, numbers, location, and event squarely on the head, I'll become a Yankees fan.