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Friday, May 05, 2006


I just saw a flick called Serenity last night. It's an entertaining, low-budget sci-fi romp. And if I may go out on a limb, I think libertarians would especially enjoy it.

In other news, I'm glad to hear of that the tv series about the jack-booted fascist President will be cancelled. As one Hit and Run commenter said, Commander in Chief "sucked like a sucky thing" - and I could tell this by watching one episode. I just wish we could cancel the real-life President.

And I didn't get around to mentioning last Sunday night's new Simpsons episode. It was first-rate. The Simpsons' best years, 1992-96 (when it became the greatest television show ever), have long passed, and several other animated series inspired by it have often outdone it in both satire and parody. (I'm told that the Simpsons writers intentionally cut down on doing spoofs when The Critic and Family Guy came along later in the 90's.) But inspired by the Harvard University squabble over gender differences in math and science, this episode nails Political Correctness even as it vindicates real equal opportunity.

Oh, yes, I also finally saw Good Night and Good Luck. I hope David Straithairn, who played Edward R. Murrow, already was a smoker. I don't know if there was even one scene when he wasn't smoking. Anyway, it's a very good movie, and should inspire those who see the necessity of bringing down the system and its leaders. After all, those of us unburdened by lucrative corporate contracts have much less to lose than Murrow did.

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