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Friday, April 28, 2006

Commander in Chief

I saw the Geena Davis tv show Commander in Chief for the first time last night. There's a bunch of unsolved murders - seemingly all drug-related - in a nearby Maryland suburb. The "bad guy" - Speaker Donald Sutherland - has a crime bill providing for more prisons and longer sentencing. But President Geena Davis says the solution is more policing and education.

More jails, or more cops (or, perhaps, both). That's the choice we are being conditioned to accept. Striking at the root by ending the War on Drugs just isn't an option. The President speaks dismissively of state's rights as she sends forty federal marshalls to the area.

The next day, this jack-booted, fascist President is informed that the blogosphere is calling her a jack-booted fascist. Well, they at least got one thing right.

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