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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Where Did the Mind Go

I was traveling the past couple of days. Yesterday, I was pleased to witness the odometer at 134134. I knew today I would cross 134431. But I was listening to Where Did the Road Go with guest Joshua Cutchin, The episode closed with the studio version of the song below of his Half Dozen Brass Band:

I enjoyed the song so much, I forgot about the odometer until it was at 134435. I was disappointed, but then thought, "All is not lost. Coming up is 134444, with 1+3 equaling yet another 4!"

But by then, I was listening to the previous Where Did the Road Go episode with Roejen, and again missed the milestone.

But the day still had hope. I had a ways to go, and 134567 was on the horizon. AGAIN, missed it, as I was paying attention to Jim Harold's stories.

Now I'll have to wait roughly thousand miles for cool numbers. Maybe by then, I'll be catching up on more boring podcasts and pay attention to the numbers.

Oh, the troubles of modern life!

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