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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pick your criminal

I have three potential friends.

Al once admitted to a burglary.

Bob is is clearly an armed robber, though he constantly denies it.

Chuck never stole from anyone.

I'm going to choose Al as my friend, because Bob is worse. After all, burglary isn't so bad, and I'm sick of everyone being a hypocrite about it.

Who hasn't shoplifted, took home office supplies from work, or at least been tempted to do so?

Who hasn't trespassed on private property? Perhaps while pulling a prank, or because the shortcut was just too convenient?

That's all a burglary is, really. Just the combination of a couple of minor indiscretions. Nobody gets hurt. Well, the victim will probably feel insecure in his own home, but will probably get over it. It's his fault for not having a better security system!

It's not like armed robbery, where people experience the terror of being directly threatened.

So yes, Al was wrong, but is it really a big deal? I'm choosing him as a friend because Bob is far, far worse.

And to everyone who condemns Al's crime, I'll always shout from the mountaintop: BOB IS FAR WORSE!!! STOP MAKING BOB OUT TO BE A GOOD GUY!!!

Because Al's burglary isn't as bad as Bob's armed robbery, I conclude it isn't bad at all.

Now, you might wonder why I won't befriend the one who's not a thief at all. Well, Chuck's not very popular. I want Al to be more popular than Bob.

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