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Monday, October 03, 2016

October 3, 2016: Vin Scully's Final message for you

My hatreds

I often hear statements, or the implication that the only reason anybody could dislike  President Obama is because he's black, and the only reason to dislike Mrs. Clinton is because she's a woman.

If that's the case, then I don't like Mr. Trump because he's rich. I don't like Romney because he's a Mormon. I don't like McCain because he's a career politician. I don't like George H.W. Bush because he's evangelical. I don't like Kerry because he's Catholic.

Or maybe I dislike all of them for pretty much identical reasons. STOP PROMOTING WAR.

Jeff Jacoby endorses Gary Johnson
WOULD YOU HIRE a babysitter who lied with impunity? Would you choose a therapist who was a compulsive braggart? Would you want as your accountant or financial adviser someone who trailed the reek of corruption and bottomless avarice? Would you list your home with a real estate agent who routinely played fast and loose with rules that others must abide by? Would you attend the church of a pastor who spewed insults and threats and trafficked in delusional conspiracy theories?
If so, you’ll have no trouble supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.ou wouldn’t entrust your personal affairs to someone manifestly devoid of ethics and good character, how can you think of entrusting the nation’s highest office to either of the major-party candidates?

We get it

According to Wikipedia, Theresa May is "first female British Prime Minister of the 21st century" Please, stop making up irrelevant milestones.

., I Googled AP Top 25. Clicked to your article, which was the 1st result. I DID NOT WANT A VIDEO TO LOAD. Nobody ever does.
It boggles the mind why major media thinks we want audio-video when we just want news written in text. Especially when the Google result does not tell us there would be video. If you're like me, you probably have other media running while your online: tv, radio, mp3. I understand that automatic playing of video can be prevented on some browser settings. But not all browsers, and besides it shouldn't be something I have to do. It is simply obnoxious to click on a link where there's no indication of video, and then a video starts playing.

October 3 in history (via Wikipedia)

1912 – U.S. forces defeat Nicaraguan rebels under the command of Benjamín Zeledón at the Battle of Coyotepe Hill.

Undeclared wars didn't begin with Korea.

1995  O. J. Simpson is acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Somebody should do a tv show about that.

2008 – The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 for the U.S. financial system is signed by President George W. Bush.

How did that work out?

Birthday quotes I

"If men should cease and desist from their talk about and their search for evil men and commence to look instead at the institutions manned by ordinary people, wide avenues for genuine social reform might appear."

James M. Buchanan (October 3, 1919 – January 9, 2013)

Birthday quotes 2 

"There is something about a bureaucrat that does not like a poem."

"His fault was a common one. He simply did not know what he was;he saw no flaw in himself, a not unusual blindness and preferable, on the whole , to being unable to find any virtue in oneself."

"At any given moment, public opinion is a chaos of superstition, misinformation, and prejudice."

"The period of Prohibition — called the noble experiment — brought on the greatest breakdown of law and order the United States has known until today. I think there is a lesson here. Do not regulate the private morals of people. Do not tell them what they can take or not take. Because if you do, they will become angry and antisocial and they will get what they want from criminals who are able to work in perfect freedom because they have paid off the police."

- Gore Vidal (October 3, 1925 – July 31, 2012)

And finally...

I rarely heard Vin Scully's broadcasts, but there's a reason beyond his broadcasting talent why he is so well loved.

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