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Sunday, October 09, 2016

A conversation about ballot access

A recent conversation I had about ballot access:

"Is there a way for a new party to organize and get on the ballot by the election?

Me: "That opportunity passed long ago. Even the summer was too late. The Democrats and Republicans conspire to keep third parties off the ballot, and when anti-Trump Republicans considered starting one they found out the couldn't get on the ballot because of the laws they themselves made."

"Well for next time, can the Bloombergs, Ricketts, and Buffetts bankroll a party under the condition that they choose the candidate?" [Note: the questioner wasn't asking because he wanted the One Percenters to rule, but wanted a party where someone sane would be nominated.]

Me: The law puts limits on how much money people spend on politics. I don't know how that doesn't violate the First Amendment, and the Libertarians believe anyone should be able to spend anything on whoever they want, but you can't do that now."

And someone who in the abstract supported campaign finance laws begins to see how the system is rigged against him and his values.

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