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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Voter registration, etc.

I have to check my voter registration. Only because the death penalty, which the Nebraska legislature abolished over Gov. Pete Rickett's veto, is being put to referendum. Ricketts spent a lot of political capital on getting it on the ballot because he wants the death penalty restored. THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE 2020 GOP  PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION. THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE 2020 GOP  PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION.

Funny thing about politics. Mrs. Clinton is for the death penalty. She also is to the right of George W. Bush when it comes to foreign intervention. But many of her supporters wring their hands over the moral dilemma of the death penalty, even as they don't mind when Obama slaughters people overseas and want Mrs. Clinton to do the same.

If a friend or family member signs up to go to Mars, I will think: "Really? You can't stand being on the same planet as me?"

Packers coach Mike McCarthy should never be President because he was pissed that Eddie Lacy was overweight last year. 

Mrs. Clinton said on the news last night that she doesn't know how college tuition got so expensive, but that "we'll fix it." Because the person to solve the problem is the one who doesn't understand it.

In Mr. Trump's universe, unfree trade, trade that raises the cost of living, is "fair".

Seems like train crashes are a lot more frequent than in decades past. #ClimateChange

America's electoral systems may or may not be vulnerable of hacking by Russia or other foreign governments. I don't know. But if we are being hacked, HOW DARE THEY!!! We should not tolerate such unprovoked aggression! I mean, sure, we probably hacked them long before they ever hacked us, but when we do it it's for National Security. And if you say National Security you can justify anything.


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