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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Ban tuxedo rentals

Renting an $800 tux for a weekend can cost you $200.

That's a lot. Now imagine  you are late returning it. The late fees will probably be sky-high!

That's a problem.  There should be a law protecting consumers from the gouging practices of the tuxedo rental industry. Maybe they should be shut down altogether!

It shouldn't matter that most renters return their tuxes on time. Or that the service gives many people an opportunity to fulfill a family or social obligation they otherwise couldn't afford.

After all, if you have to rent a tux and can't afford to buy one, you're probably already prone to poor financial decisions.

So the government should limit your choices. You can't wear a tux for the prom or as a groomsman? That's unfortunate, but it's for your own good.

You may think I'm being ridiculous. But why? A tux rental ban is no more absurd than regulating the payday lending industry.

Who cares if low-income people will be denied access to emergency funds? It's a minor inconvenience. A small price to pay for the government protecting you from your own decisions.

It's for your own good

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