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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Trump Lite

Candidate: "Here's what I'll say in my speech: I'll do my best to make it easier for you to start businesses and create jobs by lowering taxes, reducing regulations, abolishing licensing requirements, and repealing zoning laws."

Consultant: "That's over their head, sir."

Candidate: "Okay, how about: Illegal immigrants are stealing your jobs! Other countries have unfair trade!"

Consultant: "Much better. Always blame foreigners. But then condemn Trump for his racism."

Candidate: "But I feel dishonest and dirty. Like a demagogue."

Consultant: "Don't worry. Everyone in both parties has been repeating the same drivel for decades and always will. It's only racist if Trump says it. The majority of voters think Trump's rhetoric is impolite. They think, I'm not racist because I don't support Trump."

Candidate: "So anti-Trump voters won't confront their own xenophobia."

Consultant: "Exactly. They feel like well-intentioned moderates, but they want Trump Lite."

Candidate: "But it's morally wrong and stupid!"

Consultant: "Do you want to sound like a crazy libertarian, or do you want to win?

Candidate: "Ok. Whatever you say." 

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