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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bill Cosby and accepting the pill

This has been bugging me, and it's hard to bring up because it will sound like I'm "blaming the victim." In the Bill Cosby rape allegations, as far as I know nobody said their drink was spiked, but that Cosby offered a pill which was accepted.

The only pills I ever accepted were from my parents when I was a child or from doctors. It would seem odd to me to have a stranger offer a pill, even if he or she was a highly-admired celebrity. Why are there pills in their pocket to offer to other people? Who does that?

Of course, I grew up in a different era than the 60s- early 80s when most of this allegedly occurred and stuff seemed to be pretty free-wheeling, and in some ways I was raised in a "morally sheltered" environment. And I'm male, and never felt vulnerable or expected to be abused. So, take all of that into consideration: different gender, different era, a religious upbringing. And, again, I'M NOT BLAMING THE VICTIMS.

I'm just curious if women from that era, or any era, (or men) can provide insight into this. Why accept the pill?

My first thought is that women aim to please, so when something is offered, they take it so as not to hurt feelings of the person making the offer.

But I could be wrong. I want insight and perspective, not blaming. And if possible, if women who were grown up in that era and partied, your perspective would be much appreciated in the comments. The only question being: "why accept the pill?"

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