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Thursday, April 03, 2014

April 3: Janet Reno logic and other social distortions

April 3: today in history (from Wikipedia)

1922 – "Joseph Stalin becomes the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union." Sometimes, nice guys DO finish first! 

1936 – "Bruno Richard Hauptmann is executed for the kidnapping and death of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., the baby son of pilot Charles Lindbergh." Well done, police! Oh, wait...

2000 – "United States v. Microsoft: Microsoft is ruled to have violated United States antitrust laws by keeping 'an oppressive thumb' on its competitors." Janet Reno said it should be illegal for a business to bundle two products into one sales unit. Yeah, it is SO wrong to please customers!   

Notable quotes (from BrainyQuote unless otherwise sourced)

"Publishing is a business, but journalism never was and is not essentially a business. Nor is it a profession." - Henry Luce (April 3, 1898 – February 28, 1967)

"The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it." - Doris Day (born April 3, 1922)

"Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite." - Marlon Brando (April 3, 1924 – July 1, 2004

"In U.S. politics, 'compassion' means giving money and privileges to well organized interest groups at everyone else's expense." - Paul Craig Roberts (born April 3, 1939) SOURCE

Song of the Day

Happy 52nd birthday Mike Ness, singer/songwriter here:

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