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Friday, August 29, 2008

Why I Was Wrong About Sanford

In June, I predicted that John McCain would pick Mark Sanford as running mate, but wouldn't explain why until he was selected. Turns out, I was wrong: instead of shoring up the small-government vote, he's decided to reach out to the independent milf female vote by choosing Sarah Palin:

Nevertheless, I'll explain why I predicted Sanford. It was a hunch, based on a previous hunch. Four years ago in June, before I had a blog, I saw a story about the Bilderberger meeting and noticed that John Edwards was an attendee. So I thought, "Edwards will be Kerry's running mate." But I never made the prediction public. Well, this year, Mark Sanford was an attendee, and he looked to me of all the attendees to be the most plausible McCain pick.

Too bad. I would have made a lot of hay about it if I was right.

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