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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Revolution: A Manifesto

This is my latest at the Partial Observer, a review of Ron Paul's book.Excerpt:
Ron Paul did not intend to write a campaign book. If he did, he's too late; although Paul has not conceded, John McCain's nomination by the Republican Party is all but official. What Paul has written instead is a practical guide to the ideas of individual liberty and limited government.

By "practical" I mean that Paul has not written a philosophical discourse on ethics - although he does quote Aquinas. Neither has he an economic treatise -although he does express his admiration for Ludwig von Mises. Instead, Paul provides a list for further reading in the back, and gives us a brief, 167-page guide to what's wrong in the U.S. and which principles can make the country strong and free again. These are:

  • a non-interventionist foreign policy
  • following the letter and originally-understood meaning of the Constitution
  • economic freedom
  • personal freedom
  • sound money

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