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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Couple Notes on McCain

Andrew Sullivan:
For me, however, the defeat of Giulaini's neofascist tendencies, Romney's callow theoconservatism and Huckabee's Christianist schtick has been a huge gain. And the defeat of the Clintons an even bigger one. I'm not complaining about the conflicts ahead. They are wonderful conflicts to be weighing given what we were contemplating six months ago.
Good point. I wonder if McCain won the primaries because a) he was well-known, and b) not because of what he was, but because of what he was not. Being relatively "moderate" on social issues hid his extreme, bloodthirsty foreign policy and busy-body interventionism in domestic affairs.

Richard Spencer notes, however, that among Republican voters, judicial appointments are more important than the war. But as commenter "the original jack" reminds us, "The juridiction of The Surpreme Court in abortion cases could have been removed by simple act of Congress with the President’s signature. We had years to do it. Instead we went to the middle east and destroyed the economy and the Republican Party. To vote for McCain after this treachery is insane."

There is no reason to vote for McCain. Aside from mild opposition to torture and pork spending, he is wrong on everything. The only reason anybody would vote for him is if one views elections like a college football fan. You cheer for Michigan to beat Notre Dame because either you like Michigan for non-rational reasons, or you hate Notre Dame. The won-loss record of the parties is what counts, not the actual people or policies.

I hope people with conscience and convictions vote third-party instead.

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