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Friday, January 12, 2007

Bush: Iran, Syria Not Totalitarian Enough

When a State prevents its people from leaving their borders, it is not free. Yet President Bush is blaming Syria and Iran for not closing their borders with Iraq. It is their responsibility to keep their own citizens from travelling in Iraq's direction.

What are they supposed to do, build a wall to keep their people in?

And what did the United States expect? As I wrote last June, if the Chinese overran and occupied Canada, they can't whine and complain "no fair!" if Americans enter into Canada to resist them. The illegal aggressor and occupier is asking for everything that's coming to them. Knowing that the USA would have gone to war with them next, Iran and Syria would only be acting in self-defense by aiding the insurgents and keeping the USA bogged down in Iraq. Yes, that may be used as a pretext for war against them, but Iran and Syria know that the USA would use any pretext to go to war with them.

Does Bush expect everyone to meekly obey his every demand? Apparently, he does. That makes him a bigger threat to world peace, and to American security and liberty, than anyone else on earth.

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