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Monday, January 02, 2006

Is It Reality or Parody?

When I wrote this e-mail to a small group in response to something a relative sent, I thought it was so over-the-top that even those who did not read this blog or my articles would get that I was joking. My mistake. Fortunately, the misunderstanding has been resolved. But it seems that the pro-Bush crowd have become so extreme, it is hard to tell the difference between reality and parody. Here's what I wrote:


If you were being sarcastic, it is my duty to report you to Homeland Security because of your potentially subversive comments. (That is, unless the NSA is already monitoring these transmissions.)

What unpatriotic Americans like you don't understand is context. It isn't Police State tactics and so-called "Big Brother" technology that's so bad, it is when they are used for Communist purposes. But when they are used to defend Freedom, what's the problem? What do you have to hide? Why do you persist in abusing the First Amendment? If the President says he is protecting us, how dare you to mock his intentions? Or his competence? After all (even though Congress never declared it, and hasn't bothered to declare one since before even you were born), WE'RE AT WAR!!!!! To criticize the President when WE'RE AT WAR is TREASON!!!!!!

I'm sick and tired of people criticizing the government.

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  1. It's obvious, James, that the recipients of your email listen to more conservative talk radio than you do.