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Monday, November 28, 2005

Fire Matt Millen

UPDATE Dec. 19, 2006: A year later, and this is still a top-five search result for "Fire Matt Millen." Welcome, people. I started a new football-only blog, American Gridiron. Check it out!

Matt Millen and Donald Rumsfeld started their jobs around the same time. At least Rumsfeld had a resume when he came in. As did Isiah Thomas when he took over the Knicks in 2003.

I don't follow the Lions, but I saw them against the Packers this past Sunday. The Packers stunk up the joint, but still controlled the game. I checked - The team is 23-71 over the past six seasons. How long must this misery continue?

I have no idea if their current coach is any good. How can anybody tell, when the players aren't there?

Anyway, here's the original post:

Detroit Lions head coach Steve Mariucci has been fired.

Since Matt Millen came on as team President in 2001, the Lions have won just 20 games and Millen has fired two coaches that he, Millen, had hired.

The owner, who I believe is named William Clay Ford, should clean house totally and let Millen go.

But since the 1950's, the Lions were fairly competitive in the 1960's and made the play-offs six times with Barry Sanders. But they've gone to just one NFC championship game.

Too bad you can't fire owners.

In other football news, Texas got a "wake-up" call on Friday when A&M put up a good fight against the Longhorns. But since they are facing a Colorado team that mediocre Nebraska whipped 30-3 in the Big 12 championship game, Texas may as well go back to sleep.

Actually, I shouldn't say that. Upsets happen. I'd say that, even though USC should beat UCLA and Texas should beat Colorado, I'd say there's only a 75% chance of both happening. Upsets in college football happen.

I'm afraid that if either or both lose, they may still be far enough ahead in the BCS ratings and play anyway, leaving Penn State and/or LSU out in the cold.

UPDATE Dec 12, 2005

Since I don't normally follow the Lions, I didn't know until reading this that Ford gave Millen a five year contract extension before the season. So now I'm pretty certain he isn't going anywhere.

I would think, however, that this is Millen's last chance to hire a good coach and put together a good draft. If the Lions fail to make the playoffs in two years, then either Ford fires Millen, or Ford replaces Bidwell as the worst owner in the NFL.

UPDATE Dec 13, 2005

I see that there is finally a firemattmillen.com up. No doubt, it will soon overtake this as the #1 Google search for "fire Matt Millen." Lion fan, what took you so long? In most other NFL cities the site would have been up after game one of the Morningwheg era.

UPDATE Dec 19, 2005

Some franchises may be pretty lame, but they don't totally suck. For instance, the Bears have had a pretty rough fourteen seasons or so, but assuming they get in this year, they will have had six consecutive head coaches that have taken the team to the play-offs at least once, by the second or third year.

It would suck to be a Lions fan.


  1. Libertarian Jason7:29 AM CST

    As a Lions fan, I couldn't agree with you more. Millen has been a disaster. For all the draft picks we've had, we've got bupkis to show for them....

    Harrington: Bust
    Rogers: Bust
    Roy Williams: Jury is still out, but it ain't lookin good.
    Mike Williams: Jury is still out
    Defense: Bust

  2. I disowned the Lions years ago and couldn't care less about them. They've been mediocre at best ever since Ford bought the franchise back in the early '60s.

    I'm hoping that Detroit gets a CFL franchise one day. Maybe they can share one with Windsor, Ontario. Until then, I'm all about college football.

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM CST

    Seriously, we should just dissolve the franchise, or better yet, ship them to L.A., then start with a new expansion team.

    The Houston Texans have done better since their inception than the Lions in the same time frame. What an embarrassment.

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM CST

    I've been a long time Detroit Lions fan...to be more specific, for the last 21 years. Ever since I was 5 years old I have been a faithful Lions fan. Dont ask why but I've even purchased and attended 7 home games in the past couple years. Watching the Lions on sundays puts me in the worst mood. I dont know why but I take it personally. I get so upset, angry, and full of rage watching Fox 17 on sundays at 1pm.

    I told myself and several friends, coworkers, family, that if the Lions didnt make the playoffs this year at minimum, I'm done! No more Lions!

    Well after the lastest events surrounding Mariucci, I have no faith in even finishing out the season as a Lions fan.

    Ford, if your reading this, your fans are calling for Matt Millen to be fired. We wont stop until this is done. Dont wait til the end of the season, Millen didnt give Mooch that luxury...why should he be given the rest of the season either?

    Matt Millen, i'm truly ashamed of you being the CEO of our Detroit Lions...and by saying "Our", I dont mean you...I mean us fans. Just be glad there are laws to protect you from being pubically stoned to death.

    In closing, I would like to officially announce that I have resigned as a Detroit Lions fan of 21 years. From now on, I can be found at the Bears games...DA BEARS!

    -Chris Thurow
    Kalamazoo, MI

  5. Anonymous6:19 PM CST

    al 'bucko' said it best....he may be cute, but about as smart as a box of rocks. he really must go.

  6. Anonymous6:59 PM CST

    sell the team to a winning Family, Like Bill Davis, someone who knows how to have a winning team, Mr Ford if You are reading this please please please sell the team, i cant wait another 30 years, get over it you cant have a winning team

  7. Anonymous7:01 PM CST

    sasha69 loves the way millen looks in his boxers, but wants him fired also...


  8. Anonymous7:09 PM CST

    At first my friend Al B. (he's very smart) said we definately had a chance at the superbowl this year.... but alas, stupid millen fires our genius coach (al cried...for days, fetal position and all) What is millen thinking!? "bucko" then said.... 'i'm a sucker for a cute face and tight ass, but even with all those assests, millen must go' and i tend to agree...
    Bring back fonts!! at least we had pretty exciting football to watch, I'm tired of Al losing interest in the game and then just trying to pinch my ass all game long. Long live man on man love!!! <==3

  9. Anonymous1:27 PM CST