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Monday, October 17, 2005

White Sox to the World Series

What can I say?

Four complete games by the starting pitchers. Very nearly five, as Contreras pitched well for 8 1/3 innings in the first game, the Sox's lone defeat.

It's as remarkable a feat as I've heard of in modern playoff history in any sport. Especially considering that Sox pitchers pitched just eight complete games all year.

This isn't like the Cubs of two years ago, with Prior, Wood, and Zambrono: "Congratulations - you're pitching one helluva game. Just one thing - you've thrown 120 pitches in five innings ..."

I'm sure this trend won't continue - we will see some relief in the World Series. But with the quality, poise, and amount of innings the Sox starters give, the team will be in great shape.

Curses do exist - lingering as doubt in the subconscious. The thought - even as doubt - exists in the subconscious. It intensifies pressure and anxiety, thereby affecting judgment and thus action. Every minor mistake becomes a big deal. The Cubs cursed themselves two years ago.

The White Sox are not cursed.

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  1. there's a local kid here named Jamie Burke who was with the sox last year. Pierzinski was a pick-up outta no-where that really made the sox. Buehrle and Garland having simultaneous career years helped. Let's hpe they play the Astros so that we can have a seven game series of 1-0 ballgames.