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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Good Morning

Just a note for those who check this out every morning, as I haven't posted since Friday. I spent the past few days watching baseball and football, reading, and working on two essays which have absorbed my mind and are taking far more time than usual. One of them will appear Thursday in the Partial Observer. It may signal a change in focus and direction reflecting a change in mindset. Or, I might revert back to "normal" - whatever that is. In any case, this blogging gap is an exception, and I will resume posting as often as I have. Have a good day.

1 comment:

  1. normal - now there is a concept for you. What we have always taken for normal now is highly unusual. When could a homeowner make more real dollars in the accrued value of their home than their normal income provides?

    But the opportunities are out there, as long as 1) you are haliburton and cronies 2) you are willing to give all your authority as a business owner to the regulatory system and 3) you can pass 60% of what you make back to the grubbermint.

    60% may be too low - think about things like the added costs being tagged in everywhere like fuel taxes and surcharges, - shifting off those extra receipts to grubbermint from business via consumers - who happen to be tapped howdt and borrowing against his rapidly inflating home value.

    But aren't homes of constant value to their residents? Oh.