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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Welcome Home, Ilana!

I had to hold my nose to click on Worldnet Daily every Friday to get Ilana Mercer's Friday column in the past. Talk about a fish out of water! Or an intellect among neocons! (and I can get crude about this, so I will stop) Now, she appears fortnightly at Antiwar.com, for whom regular readers will have suspected is one of my favorite sources. This is her first regular column, on Bush's craziness and Kerry's cowardice.

When I mean "Welcome Home" I mean that she always was a libertarian, and belonged in the Rockwell/Raimondo/Rothbard/Mises sphere, rather than, well, WorldnetDaily. I don't know the circumstances of her leaving WND and joining Antiwar, but I'm delighted.

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