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Monday, October 25, 2004

Silver Linings in this Election

Steven LaTulippe on the election. Excellent.


  1. Anonymous6:41 AM CDT

    LaTulippe sounds as though he learned his punditry from Ann Coulter. Take out the pejorative adjectives and verbs and his content reduces enormously.

    I do not believe this is strategic behavior for the Libertarians. They will end up simply reading each other, giving each other emotional satisfaction but doing little for the country. The major parties have gotten by without taking on the burden of proof for their cause, but third parties cannot afford that shameful luxury.

    It's true that I would have had more fun reading had he gone after Bush to the degree that he went after Kerry; but I would still have been uncomfortable, just as I am so often uncomfortable with the work of Douglas Wilson, even when I agree with him.

    Barnabas, from The Partial Observer

  2. If you find a piece from LewRcokwell.com, don't assume that the writer is Libertarian Party voter. Safer to assume that he's not going to vote at all.

    If the insults are even handed, it's not Coutlerian, it's Meckenian, though I take it Barnabas isn't a fan. But then again, Bush and Kerry have been insulting our intelligence and our values since they've taken office. We have to let off some steam sometime.