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Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Redskin Coincidence No Longer Matters

You may have heard that in the last home game before a Presidential election that the Washington Redskins play, that if they win, the incumbent party wins, and if they lose, the incumbent party loses.

But this year, the incumbent party has already won. The Party that stands for more war, more deficit, more federal policing, and fewer Constitutional freedoms, has already won. It is called, in brief, the War Party. And both John Kerry and George W. Bush are part of it.

Unless you think gay marriage is more important than Iraqi children being born without limbs, you should recognize by now that we live in a One Party State.

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  1. Anonymous10:06 PM CST

    Right again! It must get boring to be right so much, but here you go again. Kerry or Bush, there is not a yard of real difference between the two. The elite special interest groups are served by both candidates. I believe that the elites believe that Bush's mistakes and miscalculations are hurting their interest and they would like to see more competent management replace the President.

    Kerry has made it perfectly clear that the direction will stay the same. The only difference is the pace and tempo will pick up. Under Kerry the possibility of war with Iran is great, maybve greater than if Bush is re-elected. An American led war against Iran will cause a real WWIV with Turkey, Syria, Russia and Pakistan weighting in. The outcome is not certain and our lives will not return to the days of honey and clover for generations.