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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Did Saddam Try to Kill Bush's Dad?

It appears instead that Saddam had been trying since 1991 to repair relations with the USA. The sanctions and bombings over twelve years, leading up to the invasions, is proof that Clinton and the Bushes are unspeakably evil men, or that they and even their top advisors have been fed continuous misinformation.

Incompetence can't explain it. There's just one conclusion: the CIA is not in the service of the USA, but works for someone, or something, else.


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM CDT

    I know you are not writing a research paper, but it seems to me that the crack about the CIA should be more than a hit-and-run. Is there any documentation for it?

    Barnabas, another Partial Observer

  2. The article linked to in the title of the post reveals facts about Saddam's regime that should have been known at the time. Any "proof" or documentation about my suspicions would be discredited as the work of paranoids and cranks. But it just builds on my "The World Government in the Middle East" at the Partial Observer in March, "In Defense of Conspiracy Theories" in May, and my "The Problem With the Presidency" at LewRockwell in September.

    I don't have any specific theories or explanations. But false information, and curious, unexplained oddities, lead me to distrust the US government, especially in foreign affairs.