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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Debate Censorship

David Mackey writes:

The Commission has established an arbitrary, unrealistic hurdle for candidates to draw 15 percent in national polling before they can be allowed into the debates. In 1992, independent Ross Perot was included, despite gathering less than 10 percent in polls. Those debates were the most watched ever, with 91 million viewers.
A fair standard would be to admit those candidates who have qualified for enough ballots to possibly win a majority of the electoral vote. That would be unambiguous and would allow a few minor party candidates each year to use the debates to gain exposure and build support. Therefore, it will never happen.
Last year’s Democratic primary debates featured up to nine candidates, and we survived. Surely there is room for another podium or two in the multimillion-dollar debate budget. And I don’t know about you, but I could forgo a few minutes of Bush/Kerry blather to give Badnarik and others a chance to speak.
Apparently, the duopolists are too busy bombing democracy into the Middle East to worry about it at home. Perhaps they’ll take notice when Badnarik pulls more than the margin of victory in a key swing state.
But for now, it’ll be either Bush or Kerry falsely swearing to uphold the Constitution next January. Either way, you’ll get four more years of imperialistic occupation, social engineering and imposed orthodoxy, be it PC or WWJD.
There is a way out, though.
Strangleholds aren’t broken overnight. Every vote for Badnarik, Cobb or anyone else with an original idea is a vote for freedom in the future, a down payment on America’s salvation.
Those who go to bed with the lesser of two evils shouldn’t be surprised when they wake up with evil.

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