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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Quote of the Day 30 Sept 2004

The argument that by negotiating with terrorists we may embolden them doesn't bear a moment's examination. How much bolder could these monsters get? What can Abu Musab al-Zarqawi do that he has not yet done? In Iraq, it is all the more essential to bargain for the lives of hostages who otherwise stand to meet the most ghastly fate imaginable.

-Ilana Mercer


  1. Anonymous12:39 AM CDT

    Hmmm, the most ghastly fate imaginable....? Well, I reckon it would be being invaded by the most war loving country in the world and then having your lovely countryside blown up and used as a weapons laboratory. Now, which country would that be? Regards Greg Fisher, Sydney, Australia.

  2. Well, in the context of the entire article, the most ghastly personal fate is a beheading. Ms. Mercer is as opposed to the War on Iraq as anyone.

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