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Monday, September 27, 2004

Feeling Young Again

Monday Night Football featured the Redskins vs. the Cowboys, coached by Joe Gibbs and Bill Parcells, whose teams last dueled in 1990, Parcells's last year with the Giants. Gibbs is returning after a twelve-season hiatus from coaching, after which he owned two NASCAR championship racing teams. (He's also an over-35 national racquetball champion).

The game also featured Vinny Testeverde, 40, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1986 and whose best year was in 1998 under Parcells with the Jets. As was Keyshaun Johnson's best year, who is now a Cowboys wide receiver. Another wide-out is Terry Glenn, a rookie for Parcell's 1996 Patriots Super Bowl runner-up team. Also in this mix is Cowboys rb Eddie George, who robbed Nebraska's Tommy Frazier of the 1995 Heisman Trophy but proved his worth as a pro through nine grueling and successful seasons with the Titans. And Marc Brunell, the same age as Brett Favre and his first back-up, who led Jacksonville through its glory years. And then there's Tom Tupa, the Redskins punter, who quarterbacked and punted for Ohio State at the same time Testeverde qb's Miami.

All in all, an odd mix of characters playing on Monday night.

In a year in which Barry Bonds is due to pick up yet another MVP, and Roger Clemens will pick up another Cy Young Award, this time in the National League, it is good to feel young again - that people my age and several years older can still compete athletically at a high level.

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