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Friday, October 14, 2016

What should have sunk Mr. Trump

I submitted this comment (as Guest621515.)  to Lucy Steigerwald's Politicians Like Trump Don't Survive Sex Scandals Like This:

Mr. Trump's defenders should have said only one thing: that while his behavior is deplorable, it has no relevance to his proposals and policies. In other words, they should have demanded that he be held to the same standard Bill Clinton's defenders invoked.

Instead, they foolishly tried to excuse Mr. Trump and alleged that Mrs. Clinton was somehow as equally guilty as Mr. Clinton for his misconduct. They made themselves look worse than how they were already stereotyped.

The most regrettable part is that this scandal buried the story that Mr. Trump still insists the Central Park Five are guilty. That points directly to his stubbornness and indifference to facts. Which is to say, it proves his incompetence once and for all. It was the most disqualifying thing out of the mouth of a Presidential candidate since John McCain sang "Bomb Iran."

I wish that is what ultimately sinks Mr. Trump's campaign. I don't know if many of his supporters even know about it. When they are made aware, what can they say? I really don't see any plausible defense. If Mr. Trump said the Duke Lacrosse Three were guilty, even his supporters would have to concede he's delusional. How are the Central Park Five remarks different?

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