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Monday, October 22, 2007


Some of my out-of-left-field interests led me the other day to this interview with Jake Kotze, whose interest is synchromysticism.

I appreciate many things Kotze says, such as that if humans are part of nature, then human creations are natural, technology is part of nature. And that secret cabals are not a new thing, but have always been with us and are part of who we are. Therefore, we shouldn't "fight" them because we'll never defeat them.

He also said that everything in the universe is made up of exactly the same stuff, with the only difference between things being the ratios of elements in their chemical composition. The word "ratio" came back to me that night when watching Numb3rs. This particular episode involved a criminal who apparently had some the mystical view of numbers, much to the chagrin of the mathematician-consultant trying to figure him out.

But it is numbers - differences in chemical composition - that distinguish one thing from something else. More over, every thought we have boils down to some form of counting or ranking. And Marko Rodin borrowed from numerology to show how energy expresses itself mathematically.

Perhaps numbers don't represent or describe reality. Perhaps numbers are reality.

This makes me wonder if the universe wasn't "created" like an artist with clay, or designed as an architect plans a building, or built like a watch, but rather programmed like a computer. And if so, whether sentient beings will one day be able to create their own universe with a computer. If that's the case, who's to say we're not living in a computer simulation ourselves?

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