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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Haggard Should Get His Money Back

Christians may be troubled about Ted Haggard's adultery, homosexuality, and the use of a prostitute. Others may be gloating about Haggard's supposed hypocrisy.

But my question is, is there no honor in the world's oldest profession? I'm not suggesting the confidentiality should be on the level of patient-psychiatrist, or that the prostitute should protect the client in a criminal investigation the way a journalist should protect a source. But it seems to me that secrecy is implicit, if not explicit, in the sex-for-money contract. The customer could be the biggest jerk and hypocrite in the world, but that shouldn't make any difference.

That the accuser is now retired also shouldn't make a difference. Prostitutes shouldn't reveal the names of their clients unless compelled to do so. Haggard was ripped off.

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