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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Futility of Arms Control

Vox Day writes:

As diverse countries have demonstrated over the past decades, it is neither prohibitively difficult nor expensive to construct a nuclear weapon and a long-range delivery system. The French have done it, the Israelis have done it, the South Africans, the Indians and the Pakistanis have done it. If North Korea, a nation of 22 million people with a Gross Domestic Product of $1,700 per capita, can successfully pull it off, then anti-proliferation activists shouldn't be worrying about Iran doing it, as they inevitably will. They should instead probably start worrying about Ingvar Kamprad, Bill Gates or Roman Abramovich deciding to go nuclear.

It has never been possible to control human beings for an extended period of time. This holds true for nations as well as individuals. The fact that a probable event is seen as undesirable, even dangerous, should not lead those hoping it will not come to pass to resort to violence, at least not in a foolish cause that history has repeatedly proven to be completely ineffective.

There may eventually come a time when each and every man holds within his hand the power to destroy the world. Should that doomsday scenario ever come to pass, perhaps then we will finally find ourselves able to treat others as we would ourselves be treated.

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