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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Peter McWilliams 1949-2000

June 14th is the sixth anniversary of the death of writer and medical marijuana activist Peter McWilliams. A year ago, to mark the fifth anniversary, I had a series of posts on McWilliams's life and work. Coincidentally(?), it was around that time that Gonzales v. Raich, the Supreme Court decision upholding federal raids on medical marijuana patients even in states where medical marijuana is legal, came down.

For those who missed them, here are my McWilliams posts:

Peter McWilliams

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Harry Browne on Peter McWilliams

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Video of Peter's Speech at 1998 LP Convention

Champion of Liberty

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Winding Down

I have several other medical marijuana posts in my June 2005 archive. And I recommend McWilliams.com, where you can read all his books online for free.

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