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Friday, December 16, 2005

counting blessings

I hate John McCain and everything he stands for. Interventionist wars and nation-building. Laws against political dissent. A regulatory iron grip on America exemplified by harrassing pro sports leagues over steroids. Neo-fascist worship of power, "duty," and "country." Liberty has few greater enemies in Congress than John McCain.

I'll admit that McCain has received decent marks for standing against pork barrel spending. But that's like giving him credit for being against theft. Is he a hero or "maverick" for opposing something he's supposed to oppose, like wasting taxpayer money?

Similarly, McCain led the way to ban torture, something most Americans probably assumed was already illegal -- until the Bush Administration came around. So I'm glad McCain pushed this through and persuaded the President. But really, is this how far we've fallen? The President has to be persuaded not to use torture? Is this America?

But we should probably count our blessings. The President did relent. In the year of the bogus Martha Stewart and Jamal Lewis imprisonments, Kelo, Raich, national ID, and Katrina, this, like the PATRIOT Act filibuster, does come as good news.

So congratulations and thanks, McCain.

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  1. John Newman7:25 PM PST

    Mr. Wilson writes:
    But really, is this how far we've fallen?

    I agree. Is this how far we have fallen that we congratulate and thank a treasonous scoundrel? Include me out.