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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And then there's Albert Pujolz

Home runs in Major League Baseball are down, and some are speculating that it's due to the steroid crackdown.

That may be so. From a spectator's perspective, I am not a big fan of the home run. I prefer seeing hitters run the bases in desparation, not triumph. And seeing outfielders fielding and throwing. I'd prefer it if the league leader in HR's got around 42-45.

But what I really admire in a player is consistency. Not 29 HR's one year, 50 the next. That's why I think Albert Pujolz, after five seasons in the majors, is making a strong case for being the best all-round hitter since Ted Williams. Just look at his career stats.

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  1. Yes, Pujolz is an exciting player with real promise. Promise because of his consistency. Let's see what he's doing after 10 years, then start talking hall of fame.