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Saturday, September 24, 2005


I just created a new section on the sidebar, beneath "Why Donate?" and above the first ads: "Support These Congressional Campaigns."

Three names are listed so far, representing three different political parties: Frank Gonzalez, Michael Badnarik, Ron Paul. Clicking their names in the sidebar will take you to their websites. I know and like Gonzalez; he's an effective activist and as committed to liberty as anyone I've known. I spent a few hours campaigning with Badnarik in Chicago when he ran for President on the Libertarian ticket last year. And I've admired Rep. Paul for many years, as he has been the only member of Congress totally committed to liberty.

Dr. Paul needs to be re-elected, but he also needs company in Congress.

Readers, let me know if you are aware of other good, pro-liberty candidates of any party. Thanks!

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