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Friday, June 03, 2005

Nancy Pelosi, Too

Justin Raimondo writes,

Not content to quash an attempt to get us out of the present quagmire, Pelosi is eager to jump into another one, this time in Iran: she has signed on as a co-sponsor of legislation introduced by Republican warmonger and presidential aspirant Rick Santorum (and the distinctly dubious Ileana Ros-Lehtinen) to impose sanctions on Tehran and take a higher profile against the Iranian government – the same beating of the war drums that was the legislative prelude to Operation Iraqi Freedom.


She also went Sharon one better by describing the withdrawal of U.S.-subsidized (and, to a large degree, U.S.-born) "settlers" from Gaza as "gut-wrenching." As for the idea that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has anything to do with the occupation – this is "absolute nonsense." It's all about "the fundamental right of Israel to exist."

Occupation? What occupation? Never mind how "gut-wrenching" it must be to stand and watch as "settlers" steal your land, bulldozers destroy your home, and helicopter gunships made in the good ol' USA gun down your children – it's all about Israel's "right to exist" as an inflamed and dangerously infected carbuncle on the Middle Eastern body politic.

Pelosi wants to impose economic sanctions on Iran because the Iranians aspire to what the Israelis already have: but don't talk to her about Tel Aviv's nukes, or whether sanctions ought to be imposed on a nation that refuses to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. It's all about Israel's "right to exist" as the undisputed hegemon of the region.

In a democracy, the people rule – and if you believe that, I'd like to have some of whatever it is you're smoking. Okay, so we know it's a sham, but what I find ominous is that, even granted the "democratic" principle, it seems to be malfunctioning in a spectacularly conspicuous manner. "Antiwar" San Francisco consistently sends a vicious warmonger to Congress, almost without opposition. The same is true, to a less pronounced degree, on the national level: most Americans, according to polls, oppose the Iraq war and want out as soon as possible. Yet our representatives in Congress won't hear of it – indeed, they're already busy ginning up another war.

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  1. Pelosi illustrates the core problem Democrats face. Rove et al have successfully framed the issues and reaped the rewards at the ballot box. Pelosi et al react instead of reframing the issues. As long as she and her fellow Dems react they are dancing to someone else's tune and that is never a good strategy for ballot box sucess.