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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Exporting Democracy - or Terrorism

Below I briefly comment on Justin Raimondo's words:

So now we have the ultimate irony: the U.S. government wants to create terrorist groups in the name of the "war on terrorism." Just as the "War on Poverty" created more poverty, and the "War on Drugs" created more drug users and enriched drug dealers, so our commanding officers in the War on Terrorism (in U.S. government parlance they call it the Global War on Terrorism, or GWOT) are now yearning to be in the business of creating more terrorism. Rummy wants to ride with the "bad boys," but he doesn't want the American people – the taxpayers – to know about it. This government is operating under the "new rules," drawn up by them, without any accountability or even the knowledge of anyone outside the circle of power.
Yes, we remember the
death squads of El Salvador. They want to do the same in Iraq, as last week's headlines attested. But this business of setting up terrorist guerrilla groups, possibly "false flag" operations, in an attempt to draw the real terrorists into our net, is playing with fire.

If we take this up to the level Rumsfeld proposes, we'll be asking for blowback of potentially massive proportions. If the government itself engages in terrorism, and deploys "fake" terrorist groups as decoys, after the next 9/11 will we have to wonder if our own government was somehow involved in it?

In that case, I throw in the towel. I give up. I could take the threat of a foreign terrorist menace, and live with the reality that bad guys from some unpleasant and obscure corner of the globe are on the loose and want to kill us. But when the bad guys are Americans – or, worse, foreign bad guys working under American direction and at American taxpayers' expense – that just isn't playing fair. These are the "new rules" Rumsfeld wants to institute, but you know what? I ain't playin'. Any country that allows this monstrous immorality isn't worth saving.

The scoop is that we have decided to join the Axis of Evil ostensibly in order to fight it. If I thought for a moment that Americans can live with that, then I'd wear the "anti-American" label like a badge of honor.

We find that each atrocity of the U.S. government is not repented of and mourned over, but is rather just a precedent for the next one. The Pentagon, not the UN, is the World Government, determined to stir up conflict and "crisis" in order strengthen its iron grip on the world. We get used to it - many Americans support it, and those who don't, do not care enough to stop it.

America isn't worth "saving," and it certainly won't save itself. Not with the right arguments or articles, not with the democratic process. But it is precisely now that heroes like Raimondo must be even more resolute and passionate for liberty and justice.

Reading this reminded me of Albert Jay Nock's essay, "Isaiah's Job." I will add it to my Classics.

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