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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Kerry Cries Foul

And I agree. The majority coalition of the World Government took unfair advantage when they used the President to restore Osama's health at Bethesda Medical Center, and to then give him safe lodging in New Haven, somewhere on the premises of a prominent university. And then to show the videotape!

The ground rules within the Skull and Bones quarrels were that Osama was to stay off of American soil. Bush countercharged that the Democrats had cut a secret and illegal deal with Osama. They had asked Osama to manipulate young Islamists to commit suicide bombings against the US if and only if a Democrat was in office so that the Democrat President could appear "macho." But 9-11, under a Republican President, changed everything.

It is hard to say who is technically right or who is wrong, but the Republicans using Osama to win votes was a little low, even for them.

If is obvious to me that Osama is a devious and shady character, willing to deal with Skull and Bonesman whether Democrat or Republican, and ready to play off both.

It looks like he's made both sides look like fools.

(Hey, work with me here. I'm three-quarters kidding. Or at least half-kidding.)

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  1. the majority coalition of the world government took -

    so glad that we don't have a one world government here already. in fact - if you imaging the absence of gubberment entirely - anarchy, perhaps we are a shade better off.

    osama has no effect on this election. neither does the amerikan voter. i voted bednarik too, didn't vote for any judiciary positions and tried to stay local. Politics is a form of mental cruelty.