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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Why are switchblades illegal?

Our fingernails aren't claws. Our jaws don't break necks. Our bite has no venom. As a species, we need tools to protect us.

The Second Amendment is more than about firearms. It's about all arms. It's about YOUR right to weaponry of any sort. It's about your right to life, because what is the right to life if it's illegal for you to defend your own life?

But, interstate sales of switchblades are illegal. Concealed carry of switchblades is illegal in most states.. These laws strip women against stronger male attackers, and other victims of direct physical assault, of perhaps their best defense.

I'm not well-versed in this area; I'm not versed in weapons and self-defense at all. But I could see countless situations in which an overpowered victim might be able to grab a switchblade hidden in her clothes whereas a pistol might be less retrievable. Guns may be more effective in self-defense from a distance, but not when the criminal is physically on top of you.

And it makes me angry.  It's as if the federal government will compile the statistics of reported rape and domestic violence, and politicians will mourn the tragedy of it all, but will deny a woman the most effective means to stop the crime in its tracks and prevent assailant from preying on others while her case is being investigated. Is rape a crime? Yes. Does the government want rapes to be stopped by allowing women the freedom to stab the rapist in the neck with a switchblade? No.

They want an "investigation" instead, during which the rapist preys on others.

Laws against switchblades may be even more a declaration of "open season" on women than laws against guns.

Laws don't protect you. Police don't protect you.

Only you can protect you.

And you're victimized twice. First by the "government" that tells you you'll be in trouble if you acquire the weapons you think you need.

Then you're victimized by the criminal precisely because you didn't have those weapons,

Do you want to be a victim, or do you want to at least have access to the means to fight back?

Do you want your children to be victims?

So why do you want switchblades to be illegal?

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