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Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28, 2016: What it takes for morality

October 28 in history (via Wikipedia)

1922 – Italian fascists led by Benito Mussolini march on Rome and take over the Italian government.

I wonder if they took offense at being called fascists.

Birthday quote

“As part of 'moral philosophy,' the concept of 'natural liberty' clicks easily into place. Man, as an ethical integer, is either free to choose between good and bad courses within the limits of his circumstances, or he is not. If he is not free, if he can only accept what is handed to him from above (by fate, or by decree of the human agents of fate), then there is not much use in talking about morality or ethics. To make any sense of the idea of morality, it must be presumed that the human being is responsible for his actions-and responsibility cannot be understood apart from the presumption of freedom of choice.” 

John Chamberlain (October 28, 1903 – April 9, 1995)

Happy Birthday songwriter Desmond Child! 

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