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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016: Embargo or a world party?

October 19 in history (via Wikipedia)

1960  Cold War: The United States government imposes a near-total trade embargo against Cuba, which was lifted in 2015.

Because limiting freedom for Americans would OF COURSE be the cure for oppression in Cuba!

Birthday quotes

"What else do conservatives and libertarians profess in common? The answer to that question is simple: nothing. Nor will they ever. To talk of forming a league or coalition between these two is like advocating a union of ice and fire." 

"Conservatives have no intention of compromising with socialists, but even such an alliance, ridiculous though it would be, is more conceivable than the coalition of conservatives and libertarians."

"When heaven and earth have passed away, perhaps the conservative mind and the libertarian mind may be joined in synthesis, but not until then."

- Russell Kirk  (October 19 1918 – 29 April 1994)

Happy birthday Kurt Wallinger!

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