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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Not with the wannabe War Criminal or actual War Criminal

I left this on a comment on a Facebook friend's post reacting to revelations of Donald Trump's crude remarks about women in which he boasted of sexual assault. [paragraph breaks not in orignal]
Vote for who you want. Even if it's close and there are countless recounts in your state, it will never come down to just one vote. Your vote will more likely be miscounted through error or fraud than decide the election. If you want to improve your life, it is literally more rational to put in a couple bucks and play the 1 in 100 million Powerball odds than to waste time voting.
So why vote for someone you don't want? Personally, I'm 97% in agreement agreement with Johnson on ISideWith.com, and not even 50% in agreement with any other candidate. The worst that can happen by voting for Johnson is that it will be miscounted. The best is that it could help cross a threshold to make ballot access for the Libertarian Party far easier in the next election. It'd be insane to sacrifice my convictions and vote for either the wannabe war criminal or the actual war criminal. If those were my only options, I wouldn't vote at all.

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