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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why I didn't watch the debate

An atheist is forced to watch a debate between a Lutheran and a Baptist. The subject is eschatology: amillenialism vs premillenialsim.

Then he's asked who won the debate.

What could he say? I could imagine something like this:
How  can you win a debate when you're not even talking about anything having to do with the world as it actually exists? And does it matter who won when they're essentially on the same side? What looks like a very big difference to them seems like no difference at all to me.

Think of it this way: the Lutheran would be happy if I dropped my atheism and became a Christian, even if I became a premillennial Baptist. And the Baptist would be happy if I converted to Christianity even if I became an amillennial Lutheran. At least I'd be "saved." 

So it really doesn't make any difference who won. They're essentially the same even when they pretend they're not.
 I skipped the September 26  Presidential debate for the same reason an atheist would want to skip the eschatology debate. How can a voluntaryist like me decide who "wins" a debate on the best ways to coerce people?

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