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Thursday, July 07, 2016

I have opinions...

I sent this comment to Justin Raimondo's Who's the Libertarian Now?
According to ISidewith.com, I’m 92% in agreement with Johnson. I want people who vote to vote for him.

Johnson’s not, however, the person to articulate the libertarian philosophy. His position on religious liberty, from the burqa flap to the Nazi cake demonstrates that he doesn’t get it. If the Libertarian Party continues to support candidates like him, it should change its name.
I sent this comment to Thomas L Knapp's Hillary Clinton: More Equal Under the Law Than Others:
Cut her some slack. I think her mishandling of the emails was due to PTSD from the sniper fire in Bosnia two decades ago. I'm confident she'll be cured by the Inauguration.
And this to Stephen Cox's Extremely Careless:
We can't trust an agency that has no Constitutional reason to exist to do the right thing. We live in the world where the FBI exists. In a country that tolerated J. Edgar Hoover's Directorship of intimidation and blackmail. In a post-9/11 world where the Dept. of Justice's Inspector General found habitual law-breaking and abuse by the FBI.

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