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Saturday, March 01, 2014

March 1, 2014: A MAD post: Harry Caray turns 100, wisdom from Justin Bieber, and more:

March 1: this day in history (from Wikipedia)

1781 – "The Continental Congress adopts the Articles of Confederation." And the country and the world would be a better place if we kept them, rather than replace them with the Constitution.

1790 – "The first United States census is authorized." Hey Salamander, this is my friend Gerry. Hope you two hit it off!

1845 – "President John Tyler signs a bill authorizing the United States to annex the Republic of Texas." Oops.

1867 – "Nebraska becomes the 37th U.S. state." Greatest day in the history of everything.

1873 – "E. Remington and Sons in Ilion, New York begins production of the first practical typewriter." Igniting the careers of many a bad novelist.

1893 – "Electrical engineer Nikola Tesla gives the first public demonstration of radio in St. Louis, Missouri." No, Tesla was a hack! Ignore everything from Tesla!
1896 – "Henri Becquerel discovers radioactivity." Without which there'd be no Spiderman.

1901 – "The Australian Army is formed." Why??? 

1912 – "Albert Berry makes the first parachute jump from a moving airplane." It's really a scandal that there isn't a parachute for ever passenger in an airplane.

1941 – "World War II: Bulgaria signs the Tripartite Pact, allying itself with the Axis powers." Another oops.
1946 – "The Bank of England is nationalized." Oops again.
1947 – "The International Monetary Fund begins financial operations." Also known as, Imperialism 2.0.
1998 – "Titanic became the first film to gross over $1 billion worldwide." It IS a very good movie, but its crappy screenplay killed Billy Zane's career.

Notable quotes (from BrainyQuote unless otherwise sourced.)

“What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of our own children? Do we forget that they are citizens, too, and entitled to select what to read or do? We think our children are so evil, simple minded, that it takes a story of murder to set them to murder, a story of robbery to set them to robbery?

Jimmy Walker once remarked that he never knew a girl to be ruined by a book. Nobody has ever been ruined by a comic.”

- Bill Gaines, (March 1, 1922 – June 3, 1992) Testifying before the Senate on behalf of comic books. His testimony ruined his comic book enterprises, but led him to change MAD from a comic to a magazine.

"I don't think the Constitution is studied almost anywhere, including law schools. In law schools, what they study is what the court said about the Constitution. They study the opinions. They don't study the Constitution itself." - Robert Bork (March 1, 1927 – December 19, 2012)

"I don't have any illusions anymore. The illusion that rock 'n' roll could change anything - I don't believe that. I've changed". - Roger Daltrey (born March 1, 1944

"Young people in the business have grown up and made the wrong decisions, or bad decisions, and haven't been good role models. To be someone that people look up to is important to me." - Justin Bieber (born March 1, 1994)

Song of the Day: There are lots of great musicians born on March 1, but Harry Caray ((March 1, 1914 – February 18, 1998) would have turned 100 today. There was a warm summer night, I think in 1996, where the game into 14 innings and Caray led us in singing this a second time. And the Cubs won! (This isn't that night, just a random one from YouTube)._


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