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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 25, 2014

February 25, 2014: This day in history (from Wikipedia)

1945 – "World War II: Turkey declares war on Germany." Good thing, too. They bailed out our asses!

1987 – "Southern Methodist University's football program is the first college football program to receive the Death Penalty by the NCAA's Committee on Infractions. It was revealed that athletic officials and school administrators had knowledge of a 'slush fund' used to make illegal payments to the school's football players as far back as 1981." Ah, the good old days, when the coaches were paid less, and the players were paid more.

1991 – "The Warsaw Pact is declared disbanded." That NATO didn't do the same shortly thereafter, and in fact started to expand, speaks volumes about the REAL intentions of Western "leaders."

Notable quotes (from BrainyQuote unless otherwise noted)

"You have no idea how unimportant is all that the teacher says or does not say on the surface, and how important what he himself is as teacher." - Rudolf Steiner  (February 25, 1861 – March 30, 1925) Source: Wikiquote

"The world will never have lasting peace so long as men reserve for war the finest human qualities. Peace, no less than war, requires idealism and self-sacrifice and a righteous and dynamic faith."
- John Foster Dulles (February 25, 1888 – May 24, 1959)

"I served the famous professors and scholars, and eventually they learned that the Reverend Moon is superior to them. Even Nobel laureate academics who thought they were at the center of knowledge are as nothing in front of me." - Sun Myung Moon ( 25 February 1920 – 3 September 2012)

Song of the Day

George Harrison would have been 71 today. Sorely missed.


  1. Funny comments on the history stuff. Great Harrison song. He was really kicking ass in that period. Once upon a time I took the solo albums of the various Beatles and merged them together to create the albums the Beatles would have released had they stayed together. They were very impressive. The Beatles would have continued to dominate music had they remained a group, and George would have been equal with John and Paul during that period.

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