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Monday, October 21, 2013

Waste of Paper

Think of fast food. "Finger-lickin' good" fast food. You're eating greasy food that gets on your fingers and hands.
What would you rather have? A handful of paper napkins, or one cloth napkin?

To lay out the question is to provide the answer. Cloth napkins are ALWAYS superior to paper napkins.

Now, let's consider spilled milk. Please don't cry.

Would you prefer ONE old hand towel, or a half-dozen or more paper towels to clean the mess?

Again, the answer is obvious. The cloth version is WAY more efficient.

So why don't we use them?

Perhaps some study has shown that using paper napkins and towels somehow make sense economically and environmentally.

I haven't seen that study, and I probably wouldn't believe it if I did.

Cloth napkins can be thrown into the wash along with everything else. A cloth napkin adds little to the load.

Real towels operate the same way. Somebody spills something. You use a towel, instead of paper towels, to clean it up, and then throw it into the wash.

Why don't we recognize the obvious. Paper towels don't work. REAL towels do.

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